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Planned release schedule starting Summer 2019.


Paul Warner New Music VideoS "Sizzle Reel" trailer

Watch highlights from all the upcoming PW music videos, rolled into one very exciting sneak preview.


credit card or cash

A sci-fi love story from the upcoming "Hotel Roxy" album.  Paul is a scientist working in his garage on a human cloning project.  Things get interesting when the clones are left alone.

The Light

An epic rescue mission through space and beyond! Paul must hi-jack a military spacecraft and travel to a distant planet in order to save his family.


A musical performance of the album's title track in an empty Planetarium theater.  Things get weirder and weirder as Paul is joined by the band & eventually a massive crowd of alien dancers.  This project was shot entirely on green screen and presented with the extreme detail of 4K resolution. 


A dark, moody, grungy alt-rocker starring Brooklin Bowdler as a mental patient in a “Clockwork Orange” style mind control experiment. (demo audio)


An alt-country rocker from the upcoming "Hotel Roxy" album.  Paul joins up with his outlaw brother (Evan Hart) to rob a small Texas Bank and escape to Mexico.  Troubles arise later at the saloon during a live band performance.


A spiritual tale, transcending mind and body, from the "Planetarium" album.  Paul finds himself washed ashore on a desert island with strange mystical energies.  He is met by a lone native girl, the ever-elusive Kala. 

sleep thru the sunrise

From the upcoming "Hotel Roxy" album, an acoustic lullaby featuring soaring cellos by Bryan Gibson (Chris Cornell, Matisyahu).  Paul performs the song alone in a large empty house while an anonymous young girl (Emma Prybis) sneaks in through the window.