Deadly Waterparks (2010)

Deadly Waterparks (2010)


i was lost
i was frozen in the frost i felt for you
and the motionless past

a while ago
i could feel, but oh my heartbeat's running slow
and my clock's fast

who you know
is where you go
what to do
is find someone new

there was you
there was nothing you could do but try to soothe
my poison mind

but i stayed clean
buried oleander dreams so deep inside
not even Freud could find

so here we go
here we go
here with you
i come back new


i miss the baby doll
i miss miss know it all
i miss the endless fall
we fell

when love was new
and life was you

and all the love in a flood
comes swirling in
wondering if you might become
my girl again

but you found a new someone
you've seen for a while
you say you don't love 'em
but he's on your speed dial

well i met another
in fact, quite a few
i wish i wasn't so stubbornly shipwrecked to you

because every night lately when i fall asleep
a different girl's with me
just kissing my cheek

and i cannot tell
if everything's well
i just kinda glide like a space carousel

what i used to care for
i choose to ignore
cause i'm dying to find what's behind door number four

and i don't get down easily but i'm feeling crushed
cause my father won't speak to me
and mom talks too much

so bury my body so deep in the bank
head left to the tide
with an oxygen tank

an alien monster with razor blade teeth
is just a robotic costume
and a man underneath

when you were with me
i never could see
because i was a blind man with HDTV

and i guarantee
if you marry me
and be my road flare
i'll be your kerosene

The Waterwell

roads would say i am lost
but i have lakes to float across

i did not find the shore today
until i do, i'll be okay

cause what goes up must go down
and what is lost but never relents will be found

we'll take the high view- i knew
i don't know what makes a rocket man
but i think i'll understand

and so we walk into the dark
deserted rock amusement park

and from miles away the shockwaves boom
the sound is bouncing off the moon

the air is grey and hot as hell
and we are blinded when we find an empty waterwell

we'll take the high view- i knew
i don't which way to get out of here
but i think it will come clear

only open after dark
and i can see a neon spark
and like a bird without a sky
i dance around a dotted line

an accidental flow of trust
i can maneuver us
if there is room enough
for me to break the ropes
and make it blazing hot below

cause when the only place you know
is making it unsafe to grow
you're standing in the orange glow
and waving as the tanks explode

and the day i go
she will take me home
and the way i know
is written in the air

choose life

Purple Circles

when i get home
i can see her in the glow
of her TV, i know she's got no energy left for me

i wonder when
i'll want to let her come back in
by then, i'm sure she'll have found more than just a friend

and the light comes on
and her eyes are blue and purple

and as she sleeps
i run my fingers under the sheets
and wonder when i'll shake this hurt my heart still keeps

it's half past three
where could she have gone without me?
she's sleeping better than any baby i've ever seen

and the light comes on
and her eyes are blue and purple

and i know it's wrong
but i'm on some distant planet

all your life
you do what's right
but you're never sure
what you do it for

so here i am
i've got no plan
just a show and tell
of overwhelm

I'm Your Tiger

here's a little somethin'
i should have given you before
cause i'm your tiger
i just don't roar anymore

cause high flyin' heaven
makes stuck to the ground extra blue
and rememberin' everythin'
keeps the glue on my shoes

oh and i might go
to the sideshow
oh would you be there
to flyin' trapeze the air

thinkin' always all about you my
watch is tickin' slowly i
listen to the zombies color photograph the gray

i'm thinkin' always all about you my
brain starts seein' rainbows i'm
sinkin' low and stay low until i'm in your arms again

are you as sexy as what i see in front of me
cause what i see's so sexy i shake in disbelief
come take the gray skies and paint
bluest blue- yeah through and through

oh and i know you'd be there
if ever i left you directions to get in touch
i've been fightin' hidin' so much
but i've been just ridin' the clutch

it's time to get demagnetized
i outta get back to the sky- high
so spark your sparklers
your fourth of july's in my eyes

honey i might go
charge my lightnin' bolt
oh would you be there
with me in my easy chair

Love in Space

well never had trouble gettin' ready gettin' on the ball
all i ever really needed was some alcohol
and nobody had to tell me, no i knew it from my first sip
that i'd gotten the fuel for my rocketship

and we'd all be in love in space
kiss through astronaut's face plates
and we'd all be in love on earth
if we knew what love was worth

well i never had trouble gettin' ready then i met you
in november, got together, knocked down a few
but i said i had to get up and go, cause i'm an astronaut
and if you're layin' low, baby i'm blastin' off

gazing through the window to the moon and stars
i take a drink and think about love and how we're losing ours
and as i press my lonely head against the plexiglass
i know i'm coming home to bed to get your sexy ass


she left me a little letter on the windshield of my car
but i never even noticed 'til i'd driven out too far
it wouldn't be the last time baby wanted me for dead
when i opened up her letter let me tell you what i read

when you and i
could crash/collide
i found my way alright better when it was dark outside
and it was dark outside

ever since i left her disconnected from my world
when i get to feeling shatterproof and my clouds begin to swirl
and the rain, it bleeds the ink all over everything i write
but the rainy days and notebook pages of her sweet words stay dry

because when she and i
could crash/collide
i found my way alright better when it was dark outside
and it was dark outside

baby i know i did you wrong
and maybe i loved you all along
but baby i never knew you cared
baby you know i just got scared

and i'm sorry that i dropped you on your pretty little head
but it wouldn't be the last time baby wanted me for dead
and i wonder on the avenue what if we could start again
would you hold me up and show me back to the places we began

when you and i
when we could crash/collide

Deadly Waterparks

you floated on the banks
and i ran along the shoreline

keep away
the creature's mouth
is an inverted porcupine

i know you can hear
but you don't listen, do you dear?

you smiled across a crowded room
back when i was crazy
and we walked outside to see the moon
and i said- you amaze me

i know you can hear
but you don't listen, do you dear?

cause blood-starved sharks
make deadly waterparks

but you dove into the frozen river
crashed the water, kicked off and swam
carried fast into the flow

and i held you by the blood-stained moonlight
felt you smile, you said it was a good fight
baby, please don't leave me
don't let go

runnin' along the riverbed
oh the icy air was a knife
cuttin' me like the creature did
when he took your little life

don't you care about dyin'?
baby spare me your death defyin'

Permanent Boomerang

there's a radiant glow in the atmosphere
before it started to snow
the sky was clear
but now it's cold and i'm waiting for something wild

you were a permanent boomerang i found
and yeah the harder i threw
you came around

there's something beautiful losing you
for a little while

cause in my life
there's a great big war
and there is so much killing going on
but i've finally found the cure

you were a permanent boomerang i found
and yeah the harder i threw you came around

and if i ask you stay, you'll go again
and if i throw you away, you'll show again

let's do this dance in advance
it'll send us to the stars

no i'm not ignoring you
but there's a flooded avenue
and i ain't so waterproof

i'm ready
and waiting for ya
i'm ready
but i won't force ya

i didn't mean to say i'd break your heart
honey i wouldn't even know where to start

Puzzle Pieces

we were both puzzle pieces
only together could we ever fit
but soon i'll have to take the saw to myself

i stand here sharpening it

i'm just in the wake
of somebody else's boat
but i'm learning to float

we were both puzzle pieces
through us the picture was definite
soon i'll have to repaint and redraw myself

but i can't get started yet

so i grip tight the ropes
and let the flood engulf my face
cause i'm learning to escape

i'm just in the wake
of somebody else's boat
but i'm learning to float

underneath i'll stay soaked
above me somewhere i'll stay safe
cause i'm learning to escape

escaping the wake
from here on, i'm my own lifeboat
cause i'm learning to float

The Movies

the first time i saw you
in that brilliant white ballroom
i just had to kidnap you for a little while

and i know you'd forgive me
and we'd live like the movies
if i only knew where we could go

where the trees grow our money
and the sky's always sunny

although i'd be yours
dead broke and gropin' through the dark