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Welcome to the new

Hey everybody, welcome to the new Stay a while.. have a look around. Watch some videos. Listen to some streaming music. Sign up for the mailing list. Like me on Facebook (please). Follow me on Twitter. Oh and remember to click the "Paul Warner" logo if you want to return to this home page.

The Flood (new music video)

Music video for "The Flood" starring Sara Bess Norton and directed by Rett Thompson. Featuring Bryan Gibson on cello. Click here to check out behind the scenes.

Today (Smashing Pumpkins cover)

Cover of Smashing Pumpkins "Today" originally performed for 500 Songs for Kids Foundation. Featuring Will Boos on electric guitar/vocal, Matt O'Brien on bass, Torin Degnats on drums, and Paul Harper on stunt drums. Directed by Connor O'Malley of The Walking Dead.

Electronic Press Kit

This EPK was created by filmmaker Cole Cassell of Southern Reel. Check out Part 1 featuring "The Lottery" and Part 2 featuring "Hope".

Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover)

The band and I recorded this cover song on halloween 2010. I guess it came out pretty good, so I'm finally posting it here as a free download. Someday, this will be track 1 on my "Covers" record. Legend has it that Mr. Isaak himself is a fan of my version. Thanks to Matthew Anderson for co-producing it.

The Light (live at Actor's Express)

I performed "The Light" at the Actor's Express Theater in Atlanta as part of my good friend Christopher Alan Yates' CD Release show. I really like this version with ukulele, pedal steel, acoustic guitar, and trumpet. I love the end with seven voices echoing through the theater in harmony. "There's a guiding force we share. Bright white light, of course it's there."